Handmade and Fairtrade

“World’s most handmade greeting cards”. Origamo is “the World of Paper Creations, Handmade and Fairtrade.They are perfect for those who want to surprise and be remembered.

I am sure that in your life, you have received banal greeting cards, that soon ended up in a drawer or even in the trash can.


The Original Origamo® are unique little jewels because every single piece is entirely handmade. It takes our expert Vietnamese artisans more than one hour to create EACH card.

Thanks to Origamo you will always be in the mind and heart of your dear ones, with the message that their preciousness delivers: “To me, you are Unique and Special”.

Kirigami Pop-Up


Filigrana Paper


Abbracci Pop-Up


Money Honey





Florever, Greeting-Cards

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The Original Origamo® are the best selling greeting cards in Italy.
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