How do we make them?

The Origamo project is based on two main pillars: Ethical Production and Solidarity, our cards are realized in full respect of the Human Being and Nature.

The Original Origamo® cards are unique little jewels, because every single piece is entirely handmade.

It takes our expert Vietnamese artisans more than one hour to create each card. We manufacture the cards in Vietnam in OUR OWN WORKSHOPS and we have FULL CONTROL over the production.

Unlike others who simply import second-rate products from China, not caring for how the product is made and by whom, Original Origamo® are entirely produced in friendly, fresh and sunny working environments, with above-average salaries and paid overtime.

The Origamo® Studios have proudly achieved official INTERNATIONAL FAIR TRADE CERTIFICATION that guarantees excellent working conditions and a CERTIFIED COMPLETE LACK OF CHILD LABOR.

Origamo® Products are realized with MADE IN ITALY FSC CERTIFIED PAPER (recycled or from regenerated forests)