Filigrana Paper

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Filigrana Paper
“The World’s most handmade greeting cards”: made with a technique used by the Scrolling Monks during the Renaissance period to embellish the Illuminated Manuscripts.
Filigrana di carta, also known as “Quilling” is a form of art that consists of twirling strips of paper on a rounder object like a needle or a quill.
This technique finds its roots in Ancient Egypt but became widely popular in Europe, especially in Italy, during the Renaissance period when the Scrolling Monks used it to embellish the Illuminated Manuscripts.
The realisation of one Origamo Filigrana di Carta takes great artistic and manual talent.

With abundant patience, the artist wraps the paper strips around a pin and then models the roll with his fingers, giving the shape desired. The parts are then glued one at a time on the card to get the complete design.

It takes over an hour to complete a single card.

This is why they have been nominated “World’s Most Handmade Greeting Cards.