Florever / Greeting-Cards
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Florever® by Origamo is the first Brand exclusively dedicated to “Floral Wishes”.

In the traditional Origamo’s spirit of “amazing and being remembered”, we have created an innovative line of floral bouquets that will remain forever in the eyes and hearts of the celebrated person.
Thanks to Florever® your store will become a “Garden of Wonder” and your clients will be the protagonists of every party and celebration.
All the models are entirely handmade and are all equipped with and envelope.

The line consists of FLOBOX® and FLOBOUQUET®.

FLOBOX® are boxes that, thanks to a striking Pop-up, reveal a flower arrangement when opened.
Each one contains a card to write you message on.
FLOBOUQUET® are flower vases of various patterns.
Perfectly flat, they open simply by pushing on the base, guaranteeing an amazing “WOW effect!”.
Not only they will never wither, but they will always be displayed in the home of your loved ones!
Inside there is a small card to write your message on (or you can attach an Original Origamo card to complete the remarkable surprise!).
All Florever®products help Origamo®’s projects of supporting the underprivileged children in Vietnam.